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Boy who? PDF Print E-mail
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Written by apocarthinic   
Thursday, 13 September 2012 00:51

Boy who?

I have never really seen any compelling reason why several mothers in Cortes would choose the name Boy Hubac.

Well, that’s a nickname, but what the heck, one of them marries and several are implicated. One of them breaks law and you know what the grapevine spins. That’s what I mean.

At least I could name five of them here. I could even name ten, but please do not dare me, you would be bored to resurrection.

But why Boy? Why not any other name?

Boy, the name tells us that it is an American concoction for, well a boy. Otherwise it should have been nino, right?

And yes, the Boy Hubacs just sprouted in the post war generation, meaning after the war.

Which leads us to configure that maybe, sometime somewhere between the coming of the Americans in 1899 to 1945, or after the war ended, somebody named Boy could have figured prominently in local history enough to have parents surviving the war adopt the name to, perhaps assign to their kid a hero figure to emulate.

Last Updated on Thursday, 27 September 2012 00:26
Manananggot PDF Print E-mail
Written by apocarthinic   
Wednesday, 05 September 2012 06:38

Usa ako ka pobreng mananangot,
sanggot sa hawak nagkumbajot
Sonson sa tungog, pitlagong ug kawit
Sa ahong abaga nangumbabit.

Tan-awa ning sampot, ponggak na
Da sa way puas nga palingkod sa palwa
Niay kuko’ng nagapanga-upak,
pirmi madokdok, maapil sa sinup-ak.

Baga na ning ahong dapi-dapi,
tinapwak sa punu-a’g lubi
sa pagsapong sa matag sanggutan,
aron lang may mainom sa mga tuba-an.

Matag kawit nga dawat,
kwartang dili kinawat.
Manimaho man akong angot,
kini’y maoy hiso sa matinud-anong singot.

Bisan pag kining kamiseta, mansta,
Makamao pud ko nga mahigugma
Bisag wa kahuma’g eskwela,
Ang kakugi naghandos nga magsige of saka.

Last Updated on Friday, 28 December 2012 08:20
Fruits that keep your fortunes year-round PDF Print E-mail
Written by apocarthinic   
Friday, 28 December 2012 00:51

This time of year, expect an orange in a fruit-stand to be priced three or four times. And better yet, expect people to buy it, as if it’s alright. Tis the season to be merry and so be it; don’t sour your new year, let traditions rock and let the new year roll.

This time too, the prices are not just for oranges. It goes to most round fruits.

But people still flock to the stands like crazy, collecting a 12 round fruit table centerpiece for the new year.

The manic panic buying happens for the belief that, when one has completed the list of 12 round fruits, good fortunes for the family await the new year through.

In the preparation of the new year, Boholanos, like Filipinos who have kept Spanish-introduced or Chinese influenced traditions, put up 12 smooth round fruits: one for each month.

Last Updated on Sunday, 21 July 2013 23:54
Get loud on the new year: Taking a crack at firecrackers PDF Print E-mail
Written by apocarthinic   
Friday, 28 December 2012 00:57

Playing with fire has always been a no-no.

But at this time of year, standards scrape rock bottom as people willfully take a crack at firecrackers and everyone seems not to mind.

Even with a reported 180 cases of firecracker caused injuries in 2011, exploding such and making a lot of noise is still an in-thing in the Philippines as a method of revelry on new year’s eve.

A scare campaign by the Department of Health did little to persuade as much people to get rid of the explosives, Health Secretary Enrique Ona admits.

Firecrackers in the Philippines seemingly are inseparable with new years, as real as getting a quick fix is to sate a year-long travail.

The quick tripping however is never a smooth cruise as proven by bruises, blood and burnt egos that litter along the way.

Last Updated on Sunday, 21 July 2013 23:53
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  • dam-og : way wilwig nadawat
  • dam-og : mana ag bugnong lgaynon cake.
  • cake143 : Kumbateh na ang bugnong lugaynon.
  • cake143 : Maru gyud ka Damog! hehe MER Roxas hehe byuti!
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  • cake143 : Bahong gas Damog? Ang bahal pod hagtik?
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  • cake143 : Musta damog? Hayahay kaayo ang kinabuhi sa Maru bakasyon sa ato ba..
  • dam-og : gibuhian na cake!
  • cake143 : Ayaw na pugngi, Damog! Buhii na.
  • dam-og : Nahuman nag tigpogong
  • cake143 : “Jesus remember me when you come into your kingdom”.
  • cake143 : Maghinulsol sa ta... Pugong Brad.
  • Hagupaas : Labaw pas tahod. Laughing Si Damog pa nga stockholder sa lahab ug konam ayasib direcho nang ligdas ug di makaya. Laughing Laughing Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
  • Hagupaas : Aw labaw pas tahod.
  • cake143 : Ug si Damog nga maru piligro kaayo makakita'g lantay. Ligdas dayon hikap sa tahod hehe
  • Hagupaas : Uy idlas pas manatad Cake.Wa na magdugay sa pagpakig hinabi. Mibigiw direcho kay nakakitag lantay. Unsaon ning edad edaran na ug makakitag lantay moligdas direcho. Laughing Rolling Eyes
  • dagohoy : Tingpugong....
  • dam-og : bahalag mingaw ang payag basta kumbateh gihapon
  • cake143 : Kami lang ni Damug gatukaw2x diri pero kumbateeeh gihapon.
  • cake143 : Ayaw'g bigiw, hagupaas ha? heheh
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  • cake143 : Pugong Damog aron dili magbahag.

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