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MAKASAYSAYANON ANG ABATAN ABATAN NI TUMOD (SIGLO 12?) Ang kasaysayan, ilabi na sa nakaykay tang mga sugilanon magtug-an nga kanhiay pa, dihay gitamud nga pangulo nga naghari sa kapatagag kahumayan...
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BILANGGO (Hamubong Dula sa Usa ka Gula)

•MGA ENTRANTES: ROY: Bol-anon. 45 anyos nga mag-uumang taga Batuan apan inosenteng gipa-uban sa usa ka NGO aron mag-picket sa usa ka pabrika, picket nga nidayon sa usa ka dispersal, diin nadakp...
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Santo Niño de Malabago

Santo Niño de Malabago DUNAY duha ka rason nganong lisud ipatin-aw kon unsay hinungdan nga ang Santo Nino mao nay patron sa Cortes. Una; nihit hikit-an ang nasulat nga talaan sa kasaysayan kay ka...
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TIME flows with the ebb of Abatan’s tides. And these tides that constantly swell the river has been Nature’s generous hand nurturing the river ecosystem that allows the teeming of raw ...
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Maabri ang langit kay Pista

DAGHAN kog piskay nga halandumon sa pista sa ato. Murag langit, usahay pud di. Una, ganahan kong mamintal og puti sa mga lingkoranang puthaw aron ingnong bag-o ang among lingkoranan sa sala bisan ug...
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The Making of CCES Drum and Bugle Corps PDF Print E-mail
Written by sayc   
Thursday, 14 October 2010 06:29
I remember when I was still a freshman in high school. That was the time when CCES had its strong Drum and Bugle Corps, courtesy of Sir Ernie Rebosura. Those were the days when I wished I was still in grade school. I really dreamt of being part of a musical group. But that was more than a decade ago.
Until about a month ago, there was no more drum corps to talk about.
But now, things have changed. CCES is now in the process of developing a Drum and Bugle Corps to the eagerness of a number of parents. I, for one had my two kids enrolled in the corps and a great number of pupils compose the same. To my estimate, the drum corps population reaches to nearly hundred drummers, lyrists, ballers, flag bearers, minorettes and majorettes. Parents were more than eager to purchase drums, snares, lyres, drums, costumes.
The making of the CCES Drum and Bugle Corps started about a month ago courtesy of Joey and Jonet Ligan who sweated it out training the pupils to hammer drums and snares and lyres. Today, these kids are going to perform on Saturday, the local scout camping at CCES. A repeat performance will also be seen on October 21, during the Cortes Foundation Day. Now, CCES has a drum corps of its own. One that we can be proud of.
[Thanks to Earl Rebosura for donating a bass drum]
Last Updated on Monday, 11 April 2011 07:47
Boholano plays in Broadway Musical PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 06 October 2010 08:07
Boholano plays in Broadway Musical
Sunday, July 11, 2010
| Community Billboard | Bohol Chronicle | Online Edition

MINNESOTA, USA. Arnel Calibo Lungay of De La Paz, Cortes, Bohol, noted for his singing and acting talents in his elementary and high school days in the Philippines, likewise made good his ability when he played in "The King and I," one of the classic musicals of the Golden Age of Broadway, staged at the Bloomington Civic Theatre in Minnesota from April 23 to May 22, 2010.
Lungay, a valedictorian from elementary, played Lun Tha, (one of the characters of "The King and I"), received standing ovations from the audience when he sang "We Kiss in a Shadow" and "I Have Dreamed," two of the immortal songs in the play.
"The King and I" weaves an uplifting tale of East meets West. The book and lyrics were written by Oscar Hammerstein II, and the music by Richard Rodgers. The story is based on the autobiographical journals of Anna Leonowens, a widow from Wales who arrived in Bangkok with her young son to teach English to the children of the royal household of King Mongkut.
The success of the play could be attributed to the following, Viz: Rick Shiomi, director; Sandra Agustin, choreographer; Robin Mcintyre, technical director; Megan Fae Dougherty, stage manager; Allen Weeks, sound designer; Wu Chen Khoo, Lighting designer, costume World Theatrical, Deerfield Beach, Florida - costumes, and live music and accompaniment were done by 24 - member orchestra - directed by Anita Ruth.
Last Updated on Thursday, 28 October 2010 06:07
Alimango Sa Suba PDF Print E-mail
Written by apocarthinic   
Thursday, 16 September 2010 10:37


(Abatan River Tour must-learn Song)

A few months ago, Cortesanon shared to major tourism stakeholders in Bohol very common river songs that one ordinary visitor at the Abatan River tour should learn.

After all, the Abatan flatboats named bandungs (sampan) load tourists who may have had the more mainstreamed Loboc River Cruise, teaching a river song is a different take here.

One such song is Alimango sa Suba.

The song, which every Cortesanon knows by heart, (I would bet my diyes lumping) is but common, but would, (and I would reiterate) tell a modern tourist student of culture and arts how old songs represent the realities of their time, definitely much more graphic than the I wanna make love, na na na na of the new age.

Last Updated on Sunday, 31 October 2010 00:58
BILANGGO (Hamubong Dula sa Usa ka Gula) PDF Print E-mail
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Written by apocarthinic   
Sunday, 29 August 2010 03:24


ROY: Bol-anon. 45 anyos nga mag-uumang taga Batuan apan inosenteng gipa-uban sa usa ka NGO aron mag-picket sa usa ka pabrika, picket nga nidayon sa usa ka dispersal, diin nadakpan og nabilanggo.

BOY: Sugbo-anobn. 30 anyos nga trabahante’g inadlaw isip laborer sa merkado sa Cortes apan sa kakuwang sa kita, nang-sideline isip kawatan, snatcher og cellphone.

PULIS: magbalantay sa priso, ang tatay namatay sa hubak kay nakahanggap sa tear-gas atol sa pagpicket sa pantalan sa Tagbilaran.

Last Updated on Friday, 29 October 2010 08:02
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