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  • dam-og : mamista tag tagbilaran cake
  • cake143 : Magbahag ta ron dam-og kay dili na tingpugong hehe
  • dam-og : happy easter tanan. adto ta kapilya kay pista
  • cake143 : maghinulsol na pod ang mga maru
  • dam-og : salamat cake. haya haja man maro gud tah
  • cake143 : Paghimsug kanunay ug hinaut magpabilin kanunay ang imong pagka-maru
  • cake143 : Maajong adlawng natawhan nimo, Dam-og!!!
  • dam-og : Maajong adlaw tanan
  • cake143 : Ug dili mapugngan magbahag ka Brad...Migo hehe
  • dam-og : pugong mga brade
  • cake143 : Maghinulsol ta Brad.
  • dam-og : hapit na pod ting puasa cake
  • cake143 : Nabija na pod! Unsa kahay gipilahan? Mo-linya bay maru hehe
  • dam-og : taas nag pila cake way reservation
  • cake143 : Hinilisan nga dakog hiwa damog... Perti!
  • dam-og : hurot nag hinilisan cake
  • cake143 : Piskay na damug
  • cake143 : dimdim ang maruh...
  • dam-og : dimdim pod gamay cake pahilis sa hinilisan
  • cake143 : impas na pod ang wine damog... piskay na.
  • dam-og : way kabaw pod cake ag hinilisan ra maoy lami
  • cake143 : Health conscious na mga tawo karon damog.. dili na mangaon ug kabaw kay malunghat kuno.. Wala na pod ko mo request ug bringhouse
  • dam-og : bringhaus ray aho cAKE. cgurado na pod ag adobong kabal moabot na pod diha sa imong dapit cake.
  • cake143 : Ang namituon sabal kabal damog.. pastilan lipat na pod ko.. Uli ka damog?
  • dam-og : hapit na pod pista cake
  • cake143 : Happy New Year Damog ug sa tanang Cortesanon!
  • cake143 : Basta naay limbajon dili malimbajan heheh
  • dam-og : malipayong bag ong tuig sa tanan
  • dam-og : dili malimbajan ang atong payag cake basta naa si dam og panagsa kay usahay mokayod pamugas ug panggatas. hehe. happy new year tanan labi na diha kanimo cake.
  • cake143 : Maajong pasko diha damog bisan gilimbajan na ning atong payag.
  • dam-og : Malipayong pasko sa tanan ug dha kanimo cake ug sa pamilya
  • cake143 : Aw basta mga maru...
  • dam-og : pasko na jud. pwede na bahinon ag dinaygonan para ipalit ug bag o isuot sa pasko!
  • dam-og : ikabonot diay na ug sino nga lubi cake. hehehe
  • dam-og : maajo na cake aron mamanghuran na pod.
  • cake143 : Tugnaw kaajo damog diri kay winter... Tugnaw sige ta kahuna2x ug maot hehe
  • cake143 : Manaygon lang ta ani Damog aron naay palit bahal...
  • dam-og : hapit na pasko cake! say maajohon diha?
  • cake143 : piskay buhata
  • cake143 : diji mahapit damog hehe
  • dam-og : suway lagi ta cake. dijo ko hennanti adto kalkiha
  • cake143 : damog, hennan birada ha? Relax kaayo ang maru.
  • dam-og : hingminus ag pagkamaru cake kay naa nay manununod buaw
  • cake143 : Aw hajahaya man, maru gud ta hehee
  • dam-og : diay biko aho giluto cake nga maguwang gamay sa nilugaw
  • cake143 : Wala bay dugmak diha damog?
  • cake143 : Mao lagi Damog. Ang namituon nga sabaw kabaw ug ang hagtik kaayo nga bahalina...Pastilan galaway ra intawon ko.
  • dam-og : mamista na ta cake sa imong baluarte. ag iwon ug bahalina match kaajo
  • cake143 : Jean Gaas man seguro to damog? hehehe
  • dam-og : di ba to jhen bahong gas cake?
  • cake143 : Damog, unsa gani pangalan adtong bahong gas sa panakutan?
  • dam-og : atong tandaon ag panakutan cake
  • cake143 : Bali-uhong Damog hehe
  • dam-og : maajong adlaw tanan. nabusy gamay sa pamugas
  • cake143 : Libgos nga gasinug-ang ... pastilan
  • cake143 : Naa bay uhong diha damog? Lami ang sukow tanda-tandaon hhe
  • dam-og : payt balaw!
  • cake143 : walay kaloya!!!
  • dam-og : kumbateh gihapon
  • cake143 : Lahi ra sa una damog nga gamay tandog mangisog dayon.. manguryente hehe
  • dam-og : tigkaluja na panagsa ag tohod cake. wa nay lahutay
  • cake143 : banggi-tang maru nga damog, musta? OK japon..Kumbatehh. Walay kaloya brad
  • dam-og : kumusta man cake?
  • dam-og : maajong adlaw sa tanan.
  • cake143 : «link»
  • cake143 : Chrome ubuntu link: «link»
  • dam-og : present!
  • spybird : Ok nong
  • cake143 : kana rang 2 ka link
  • cake143 : '«link»
  • cake143 : «link»
  • cake143 : then this link:
  • cake143 : «link»
  • cake143 : Earl, follow these links
  • dam-og : kanang naa sa pugaran boss bokongmon na. hehe
  • dam-og : taemon daghan didto sa dagohong cake. hehehe
  • apocarthinic : Tuay pokemon sa pugaran ni Nong Islaw
  • cake143 : Butangehh! Naay daghang pokemon sa Dagohong, Damog!
  • dam-og : bahog tae didto apo
  • apocarthinic : ajung buntag pilipinas. mangaligo tag dagohong
  • dam-og : boss, apo adto tag mayacabac ron
  • dam-og : maajo na kaha ning pokemon itinawo cake!
  • apocarthinic : Nanimaho nang sinugba Boss. Tanah, attack
  • cake143 : Viva Sr. San Roque!!!
  • cake143 : Pahinungod sa yuta sa mga grasyang dawat bisan maru2x hehe
  • dam-og : haha. gakos sa gimelina cake samtang ag mga iro gapatungod
  • cake143 : pero ang maru dili malipong... mura ra ug iring nabukgan nga bawod2x ang liog
  • cake143 : Mananitahan kay birthday ug ang hagtik nga kinutil. Lami kaayo ikatulog inig human.
  • dam-og : ready na ag manok cake para ihawon para ibadlis sa buna
  • dam-og : manuktok ta cake kay palit ug tuba kay atong kutilon kay naay gabirthday karong adlawa!
  • cake143 : Buhii na damog! Ok ra ang manuktok kay mamukaw palit bahal.. ayaw lang ng tokhang para sa mga adis-adis...
  • dam-og : dili mada ag pagkamaro cake kay mas maro c du30
  • cake143 : hajahaya man, maru gud ka damog!
  • dam-og : aw ug naay manoktok unja mohangjo ug bogno cake arespetaran pod gamay aron di mahiubos
  • cake143 : Damog, walay tokhang diha?
  • dam-og : aw ug naay listahan sa mga maru c dam og ang number 1.
  • cake143 : Kung naay listahan sa mga maru ... way lain poa.
  • cake143 : General Damog... maayo galing wala ma-apil sa lista hehehe
  • dam-og : mosajo na ta ug mangharana cake kay naay curfew
  • cake143 : Kumusta ang maru? Duterte na ra ba hehe.. Dili na tantong maru.

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Reflections of a TV Viewer PDF Print E-mail
Written by apocarthinic   
Monday, 11 April 2011 07:07
Willingly, we ask

THE HEATED ratings competition in the entertainment world simmered to wakefulness in the recent most polarized scandal that rocked local television.

New Television 5 and its host Willie Revillame stood at the end of the pole while on the other end, competing televisions and their gang of jealous zealots throw in the kindling to cook a palatable dish for the hypocritically critical Filipinos.

The ultimate goal of the gang is to tell that the self-made millionaire Willie is also the ultimate sex monster corrupted by his money and is now staking his claim as the one who could dictate the morals of a country.

Just because the "poor" boy needs the money, he can be manipulated to do a tasteless striptease in the blandest sense characteristic of the country's highly rating television shows.


Television networks, while it is the least of all concerns for Cortesanons, is a teacher as potent as what an average genius can get in half an hour of reading.

For asking the boy to sexily gyrate in front of the whole country glued to the boobtube is by the perception of the silent majority, an ordinary television fare.

But when some television networks raised the howl, we were shaken from our stupor and blended in our diyoys worth of wisdom.

Asking a girl to strip to her bare essentials is a noontime menu, in all local televisions, one may agree with us.

So far, there has not been much of a fuss about them, and not even the catholic church could afford to meet these networks head-on.

Many argue that the issue was not on making the boy do the sexy thing he was told to do. The issue was on Willie blatantly offering the already crying boy wads of money to willingly get into Wilie's rhythm or into his Willie's out of tune music.

Now here's the catch.

When has the whole country cared about the crying boy? And when do we, in the same hypocritical mea-culpa sense, not cry on the sexy ladies squirming like naked maggots in similarly timed noontime televisions?

Oh, but they are not dangled with thick wads of money, one friend told us.

Not in front of the cameras, we told him.

All of us know that in a situation where poor Filipinos are allowed to do what they want, stripping their bodies to bare essentials in front of national television is the least thing we would do.

We have come to a time when television has become a more effective teacher than the country's Secretary of Education and the President combined.

And we have come to a time when we angrily gang up on Willie because some television network and some popular human rights activists say it is against human taste.

What do they say against their own shows is that, in no time at all, even those skimpy bikinis on dancers can graduate into plastic strips worn to get handsomely paid on television?

Shows have so corrupted the country's sense of the obscene.

In fact, that mentality has seeped into the marrows of our sense of beauty and entertainment.

Televisions play a pivotal role in molding people's perceptions, perceptions which may, in the end, define the future of the town and country.

That role is also true to key molders of our people.

Parents, teachers, local officials...but we do not deal with all of them.

Let Cortesanon cite just one particular thing.

In the past weeks, we have seen many closing exercises and recognitions.

Most of them were embellished with numbers masked as intermissions but were in essence, vivid presentations of the reality of the country.

We have nothing against modern dancing in recognition rites.

What we tried desperately to reason out is that, if dance is also part of the entire genre of the whole gamut of performing arts, can they be done in such a way that dances and dancers becomes artistic and truly tell that these were not forced on pupils?

Most presentations we witnessed were the reality one would want to replay from the last menu offered on the noontime shows.

Children, yes, children wearing those outrageously copied styles of sexy dancers on TV, gyrating, sexily taunting, faces pink with make-ups that the mask that innocent blush of a kid trying to perform in an audience.

Were the children forced to sexy-dance? No. They were not. But we know when we were kids, we would rather obey our teachers than our parents.

The way the idea of grading pupils corrupts the minds like Willie's idea of money could force the boy to wriggle.

Was there a howl? Not that we hear of.

What if the presentations were cultural, would that change the perception?

We want to teach children to hate Willie for what he did to the boy?

Then, how do we solve the problem that we are covertly masking our sense of value to the reality that dancing sexy in front of the audience is so entertaining?

We can't. Because sexy dancing like we see on TV is how we are entertained!

Now, can we blame the teachers for choosing the easy presentations at recognitions?

And can we blame children for not crying on national televisions?

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