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  • cake143 : Laksi ang poster sa eleksyon. Mao ba to?
  • cake143 : Nawala man gud ang tamdanan damog hehe
  • dam-og : nalipat jud ko sa pista sa mangga cake kadto sakay ni oyong pag uli nga hingpara si migo nga gatungas sa junction. heheh
  • cake143 : Mangita na pod ta kanang calendar nga naay tamdanan ug piyesta damog...
  • dam-og : nahibilin sa gipamistahan cake. hehhe
  • cake143 : Abi ko'g naa pa imong tamdanan Damog kay mo-xerox ko
  • dam-og : wa na koy tamdanan ug pista ron cake
  • cake143 : Asa man ang pista karong adlawa damog kay atong adtuon.
  • dam-og : mamista tag tagbilaran cake
  • cake143 : Magbahag ta ron dam-og kay dili na tingpugong hehe
  • dam-og : happy easter tanan. adto ta kapilya kay pista
  • cake143 : maghinulsol na pod ang mga maru
  • dam-og : salamat cake. haya haja man maro gud tah
  • cake143 : Paghimsug kanunay ug hinaut magpabilin kanunay ang imong pagka-maru
  • cake143 : Maajong adlawng natawhan nimo, Dam-og!!!
  • dam-og : Maajong adlaw tanan
  • cake143 : Ug dili mapugngan magbahag ka Brad...Migo hehe
  • dam-og : pugong mga brade
  • cake143 : Maghinulsol ta Brad.
  • dam-og : hapit na pod ting puasa cake
  • cake143 : Nabija na pod! Unsa kahay gipilahan? Mo-linya bay maru hehe
  • dam-og : taas nag pila cake way reservation
  • cake143 : Hinilisan nga dakog hiwa damog... Perti!
  • dam-og : hurot nag hinilisan cake
  • cake143 : Piskay na damug
  • cake143 : dimdim ang maruh...
  • dam-og : dimdim pod gamay cake pahilis sa hinilisan
  • cake143 : impas na pod ang wine damog... piskay na.
  • dam-og : way kabaw pod cake ag hinilisan ra maoy lami
  • cake143 : Health conscious na mga tawo karon damog.. dili na mangaon ug kabaw kay malunghat kuno.. Wala na pod ko mo request ug bringhouse
  • dam-og : bringhaus ray aho cAKE. cgurado na pod ag adobong kabal moabot na pod diha sa imong dapit cake.
  • cake143 : Ang namituon sabal kabal damog.. pastilan lipat na pod ko.. Uli ka damog?
  • dam-og : hapit na pod pista cake
  • cake143 : Happy New Year Damog ug sa tanang Cortesanon!
  • cake143 : Basta naay limbajon dili malimbajan heheh
  • dam-og : malipayong bag ong tuig sa tanan
  • dam-og : dili malimbajan ang atong payag cake basta naa si dam og panagsa kay usahay mokayod pamugas ug panggatas. hehe. happy new year tanan labi na diha kanimo cake.
  • cake143 : Maajong pasko diha damog bisan gilimbajan na ning atong payag.
  • dam-og : Malipayong pasko sa tanan ug dha kanimo cake ug sa pamilya
  • cake143 : Aw basta mga maru...
  • dam-og : pasko na jud. pwede na bahinon ag dinaygonan para ipalit ug bag o isuot sa pasko!
  • dam-og : ikabonot diay na ug sino nga lubi cake. hehehe
  • dam-og : maajo na cake aron mamanghuran na pod.
  • cake143 : Tugnaw kaajo damog diri kay winter... Tugnaw sige ta kahuna2x ug maot hehe
  • cake143 : Manaygon lang ta ani Damog aron naay palit bahal...
  • dam-og : hapit na pasko cake! say maajohon diha?
  • cake143 : piskay buhata
  • cake143 : diji mahapit damog hehe
  • dam-og : suway lagi ta cake. dijo ko hennanti adto kalkiha
  • cake143 : damog, hennan birada ha? Relax kaayo ang maru.
  • dam-og : hingminus ag pagkamaru cake kay naa nay manununod buaw
  • cake143 : Aw hajahaya man, maru gud ta hehee
  • dam-og : diay biko aho giluto cake nga maguwang gamay sa nilugaw
  • cake143 : Wala bay dugmak diha damog?
  • cake143 : Mao lagi Damog. Ang namituon nga sabaw kabaw ug ang hagtik kaayo nga bahalina...Pastilan galaway ra intawon ko.
  • dam-og : mamista na ta cake sa imong baluarte. ag iwon ug bahalina match kaajo
  • cake143 : Jean Gaas man seguro to damog? hehehe
  • dam-og : di ba to jhen bahong gas cake?
  • cake143 : Damog, unsa gani pangalan adtong bahong gas sa panakutan?
  • dam-og : atong tandaon ag panakutan cake
  • cake143 : Bali-uhong Damog hehe
  • dam-og : maajong adlaw tanan. nabusy gamay sa pamugas
  • cake143 : Libgos nga gasinug-ang ... pastilan
  • cake143 : Naa bay uhong diha damog? Lami ang sukow tanda-tandaon hhe
  • dam-og : payt balaw!
  • cake143 : walay kaloya!!!
  • dam-og : kumbateh gihapon
  • cake143 : Lahi ra sa una damog nga gamay tandog mangisog dayon.. manguryente hehe
  • dam-og : tigkaluja na panagsa ag tohod cake. wa nay lahutay
  • cake143 : banggi-tang maru nga damog, musta? OK japon..Kumbatehh. Walay kaloya brad
  • dam-og : kumusta man cake?
  • dam-og : maajong adlaw sa tanan.
  • cake143 : «link»
  • cake143 : Chrome ubuntu link: «link»
  • dam-og : present!
  • spybird : Ok nong
  • cake143 : kana rang 2 ka link
  • cake143 : '«link»
  • cake143 : «link»
  • cake143 : then this link:
  • cake143 : «link»
  • cake143 : Earl, follow these links
  • dam-og : kanang naa sa pugaran boss bokongmon na. hehe
  • dam-og : taemon daghan didto sa dagohong cake. hehehe
  • apocarthinic : Tuay pokemon sa pugaran ni Nong Islaw
  • cake143 : Butangehh! Naay daghang pokemon sa Dagohong, Damog!
  • dam-og : bahog tae didto apo
  • apocarthinic : ajung buntag pilipinas. mangaligo tag dagohong
  • dam-og : boss, apo adto tag mayacabac ron
  • dam-og : maajo na kaha ning pokemon itinawo cake!
  • apocarthinic : Nanimaho nang sinugba Boss. Tanah, attack
  • cake143 : Viva Sr. San Roque!!!
  • cake143 : Pahinungod sa yuta sa mga grasyang dawat bisan maru2x hehe
  • dam-og : haha. gakos sa gimelina cake samtang ag mga iro gapatungod
  • cake143 : pero ang maru dili malipong... mura ra ug iring nabukgan nga bawod2x ang liog
  • cake143 : Mananitahan kay birthday ug ang hagtik nga kinutil. Lami kaayo ikatulog inig human.
  • dam-og : ready na ag manok cake para ihawon para ibadlis sa buna
  • dam-og : manuktok ta cake kay palit ug tuba kay atong kutilon kay naay gabirthday karong adlawa!
  • cake143 : Buhii na damog! Ok ra ang manuktok kay mamukaw palit bahal.. ayaw lang ng tokhang para sa mga adis-adis...
  • dam-og : dili mada ag pagkamaro cake kay mas maro c du30

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TOPIC: The Parable of the Iron Nails
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The Parable of the Iron Nails 4 Years, 3 Months ago Karma: 5  
It was Thursday and the sun was hot . The narrow street was just as dusty as people were walking in and out of the city gate. It was a relatively quiet day apart from the clanging from his shop, where this blacksmith was working the whole day. It was two days before the end of the Passover and he must hurry up to finish his job to attend to the festivities.

In a few minutes , this narrow street was teeming with people coming out from their houses. It was because of the rumor that spread around. It was about the man from Galilee who just entered into the city, a few days back. The men huddled, while women and children were eavesdropping. Some believed He was a great teacher from above while the few vocal doubters charged Him as an impostor. Most were puzzled and went away having more questions than answers

He did not mind. He seemed not to hear the commotion outside.

I must finish this before sunset”, he sighed after he drank his last water from his wineskin. He stared to the nine pieces of cast iron placed at the top of the anvil. He smiled.

There is still much time to taper all these and grind ”, he thought, “ Before sunset all must be ready for pick up.

He paused as he stared into the wall blankly. He pondered.

But why did the Roman soldiers want me to make these special nails urgently?

Suddenly, he got an idea.

“ I will inscribe at the head of three of these nails with capital letter S for special”

He tried to hide his smile about the silly idea. But, he did it anyway.

He went back to his poundings and grindings in his shop.

Later, he heard footsteps. He knew they were Roman soldiers approaching for the familiar tapping of military shoes. He handed them the brand new iron nails. They saw the letter S. The officer smiled wryly looking at him, while nodding his head without saying a word. Being impressed, he gave him ten pieces of silver and left immediately. He couldn’t believe it. It was more than quadruple to the usual pay.

Was it the letter S?”, he thought, “ I did not realize it was a clever idea.”

Never was a walk back home happier than this time.

Early the next morning, he was awakened up by the commotion outside. He heard his neighbors talking to each other. The Galilean will be crucified. They talked about the miracles and wonders this man did in Galilee. He moved in closer to hear more. He suddenly became interested about this man.

Before noon time, a mob was nearing. The chanting was drowning, Crucify Him! Crucify Him. Even at a distance, the long robes of the Pharisees among the angry mob, stood out. A few women followed sobbing along the way. He saw three men carrying their crosses. One was the Galilean. Their feet wobbly. Their robes were blood stained from the beatings of the heartless Romans.

At one moment, this man halted and looked up. They exchanged glances. Though the man’s face was marred, he saw conspicuously his saintly smile. There was compassion in His eyes. He was pricked in his reins. His heart pounded faster as the man struggled slowly on the rugged road.

The mob became much frenzy. He followed from behind up to the hill called Golgotha, just outside the city.

Then, he saw the three crosses raised slowly by the soldiers while the officer watched on by. They laughed and mocked at them. They had a good fun. He recognized them. It was they who went to his shop the previous day.

Now, his heart even beat faster.

He saw the man from Galilee suspended between heaven and earth between two criminals. The sight was almost unbearable - his head crowned with thorns; his face marred by blood; his disfigured body wrapped all over with bruises; his side with a spear’s wound with blood and water gushing profusely and his ribs protruding when he gasped for air.

Moreover, he saw the hands and feet fastened to the tree dripping with blood. And, yes, he saw the three big iron nails. It was almost three in the afternoon. And, the sun was scorching. But, he felt very cold unusually inside when he saw the nails. As if he was stabbed inside that he was about to loss consciousness.

However, he mustered his courage. He dragged his feet slowly closer to the foot of the cross. His watery eyes now fixed to the feet and the nail. His trembling hands wiped the blood stained nail head to see the inscribed letter S.

He knelt and broke down before the cross.

Sobs and more sobs. Silence.

He bowed down as he shouted.

Lord Jesus, I am the sinner who made the special nails that nailed you to the cross, Please do forgive me”

Slowly, he lifted his eyes. Again, he saw the smile. The same saintly smile.

“Thank you Jesus, your smile for my sins; your sacrifice for my sins; your salvation for my special nails. Thank you Jesus.

While tears flooded his eyes, joy and peace flooded his heart.
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